About Me

I’m Genesio Lini, Mechatronics Engineer (what?), vegetarian and motorbikes enthusiast.

I live in Brescia (where is it?) with my wonderful wife, our six cats, and our lovely horse named Zipper.
I started with computers in 1990 with an Atari 2600 (“Long Rainbow” version) – thanks mom for the birthday gift – and never stopped.

My real first programming experience was on an Amiga 500 (AmigaBASIC) – development became part of my daily activities

In the following years I chose the dark side (IBM-compatible PC’s) and have been struggling with TurboPascal, TurboC (thanks Borland for your wonderful text-based IDE’s – I still remember them with <3)
Then I completed high school and started working as a full-time developer: Visual Basic 5 and Visual C++ 6 were my everyday friends.
I even wrote an ISAPI-based web application in C++! It was the time Microsoft released IIS version 3.0 (or 4.0?) and ASP was a cutting-edge technology – too young to be adopted for production softwares….
It’s still one of my worst nightmares.

Then I started working for big companies (mainly banks) and learned quite a lot about the other side of software development: engineering
The hardest part was to imagine the solution, more than writing it on the keyboard.

I have witnessed the birth of Microsoft .NET Framework, and quickly adopted C# (or better, C) as my main development language.

Web technologies and so-called “web applications” became more and more popular, so I was fully committed to ASP.NET based web sites. Those were cool and funny days, with large browser incompatibility (IE 5 was widely adopted at that time and Google Chrome didn’t even exist) and the absolute lack of any client-side library.

It took ten years to leave my hometown (Mantova – go and visit this little city, it’s amazing) and start a new life in Brescia. My daytime job was related to mission-critical industrial production system softwares, mainly for pharma companies. This job only lasted two years, but teached me a lot.

Now I work as a freelance consultant for companies in northern Italy and I develop/offer my own software products.

If you really did come this far, I hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed living it.